Guests and Masterclass

The masterclass will take place on Saturday 6th February at 16.00 at the Instituto Cervantes.

Special guest of the masterclass is Gaelle Simonetti from the platform EyeOnFilms.

It is geared for aspiring up-and-coming filmmakers who are interested in finding out about alternative ways of funding and distribution, with an emphasis on trans-national collaboration, European funding programs as well as a presence at international film markets. The masterclass is with free admission if you fill in the following application.

Eye on Films (EoF) is a support platform for the diffusion of first and second feature films which gathers numerous film professionals (festivals, distributors, exhibitors, media, institutions, VoD platforms) and which guarantees the circulation and exploitation of the films enrolled in the EoF label.

Developed since January 2011 by Wide with the support of the European Commission’s program Creative Europe, Eye on Films gathers now more than 120 international partners including 52 festivals and 50 distributors in more than 40 countries with a catalogue of more than 70 films. We develop actions aiming at extending the visibility of independent cinema, notably by experimenting the Internet possibilities through partnerships with VoD platforms and thanks to our own online channel

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Guests and Masterclass 2016